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Solar Book


The Solar Book is an app for smart-phones and tablets for a solar eclipse. The Solar Book shows at what time each portion of the Sun is covered by the Moon during a solar eclipse. The beginning time of a solar eclipse, time of the maximum phase of the solar eclipse and the ending time of the solar eclipse will change depending on the location of your observing area. The Solar Book will show you the eclipse phases at your location. Your location for observing the solar eclipse can be designated with use of the location setup dialog box. This allows you to plan in advance the progression of the eclipse. Sequential images of the solar eclipse will be displayed in the appropriate order when you tap on the eclipse thumbnail images icon on the lower right of the screen. Solar eclipses can be displayed by designating the date of a solar eclipse in the past or the future if you cannot find it in a list of the selection. The Solar Book will show you a star chart of the sky at your place of observation if the solar eclipse is not selected.